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Free Stencil Kit

Earn a Bigger Piece of the Cut

Using cut-out stencils from a Marsh® quality machine produces clear, bold, accurate shipping marks to deliver your goods, and to identify products and materials for efficiency, economy, and good business. A precision cut with exact tolerance for letter-perfect marks is assured with the alloy punch and case-hardened steel die, made with great care right here in the U.S.A.

Don’t forget when purchasing a stencil machine that you will need the entire “system”. Inks, applicators, oilboard, and brushes complement the stencil machine.

Specially designed fountain rollers, hand rollers, and brushes will simply and accurately apply the marks to the designated surface.

And the last piece to the puzzle (stenciling system) is the oilboard. Our top grade oilboard bathed in double boiled linseed oil produces clean and crisp marks and can be used many times. The oilboard is available in natural brown and canary yellow with size options of your choice.

For specific information on our oilboards, inks, and applicators, see pages 6-9 of our catalog. 2015 Marsh Product Catalog - General Product Line

Rolmark rollers and inks, black and bright colors for permanent, high-contrast message on all surfaces.

“EFI” environmentally friendly ink helps keep the environment cleaner with less than 4% VOC. Marks on porous and non-porous surfaces with marks that are fast drying, permanent, as well as fade and sunlight resistant.

Poly-Rolmark is specially formulated for use on plastics and shrink film.

K Stencil ink is also available in black and red when you have a need to mark only on porous surfaces.