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Rolmark Express

Rolmark Express

Rolmark Express

Minimize down time. Maximize productivity.

Designed to be a quick, easy to use tool. Offers the convenience of quickly changing ink cartridges, minimizing potential ink mess, and most importantly production down time.

The Rolmark Express all metal, disposable ink cartridge becomes the strong, durable handle once it is screwed on the spindle roller assembly. It utilizes the same 3” neoprene roll that is used with standard fountain rollers.

Cartridges contain 4 ounces of ink and are sold 8 per carton.

Made in the USA.

  • Fast! Cuts a complete stencil in a turn of the handle.  Duplicates Stencils even faster.
  • Character heights from 1” (2.5 cm) to 10″ (25 cm); metric sizes available upon request.
  • Sharp, clean stencil cuts.
  • Comes complete with stencil machine, stand, and cylinder.
  • Character sets sold separately.

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