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Rolmark/Poly-Rolmark Ink

Rolmark Ink


Waterproof, Permanent, and Fast-Drying.


All Marsh inks have been specially formulated to meet the most stringent quality control standards. Permanent, waterproof, light-resistant, fast-drying – Marsh provides high quality inks for all applications. Deciding to purchase Marsh inks ensures you will always make clear legible marks.

Rolmark stencil ink is waterproof, permanent, and fast-drying on most surfaces; marks on porous or non-porous surface.

Poly Rolmark stencil ink is specifically formulated for marking polyethylene and plastics such as shrink film and plastic wrap.

Rolmark and Poly Rolmark stencil ink can be used with any of the following products: Fountain Brush, Fountain Roller, RM20 Roller with RM50 Pad

Premium Stencil Ink

Fast Dry. Fade Resistant.


Marsh is excited to introduce a new line of stencil inks! The Marsh Premium Stencil Ink has quicker dry time, higher resin content for better fade resistance, added corrosion inhibitors, and can be cleaned with the same Rolmark Solvent as other inks in our product line.

This ink is proven to last longer under the harsh sun, reduce corrosion/rusting when used on metal/pipes, and dry faster for more efficient marking.


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