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MSSC was founded in December 2000 by seven investors who came together to join years of experience in administration, finance, sales, marketing, and manufacturing to continue to bring marking, stenciling, sealing, and coding products to a network of worldwide distributors.
MSSC is a small company. Because of this, there is the freedom of offering a personal touch and a strong commitment to each distributor. As such, MSSC is on a first name basis with nearly all distributors, and the customer service department is second to none. These valuable assets hold the expertise of many years of familiarity with our products — both in manufacturing and in customer support.

MSSC products are represented by approximately 170 distributors in North America and another 90 worldwide. Our products are also included in prominent industrial catalogs in the U.S. and internationally.

Strong Market Share

The first manually operated stencil machines were designed, engineered, and manufactured in the mid-1920’s. Immediately following, the need arose for complementary products such as the fountain brush, oiled stencil board, and stencil ink. We are proud to say that, even though somewhat re-engineered for changing times, MSSC continues with many of the same great products today.

As customer’s needs have changed since the 1920s, the product line has become more diversified.

The marking, stenciling, sealing, and coding industry is quite large and MSSC captures a good part of the market. Innovation in environmentally-friendly ink helps make the world greener while keeping your environmental costs low. New models of manual and electronic stencil machines means faster stencil preparation and deployment reducing labor investment and operating cost. Gummed and pressure sensitive tape dispensers that are easy to use but built to last ensure that packages are sealed quickly with trusted security. Industrial ink jet coding completes the portfolio, including drop-on-demand, conveyor line and handheld thermal ink jet products like none other!

Quality, Reliability, Value….Our Mission

It is our mission to continue our commitment to supplying our customers with the best and longest enduring marking, stenciling, sealing, and coding devices in the world.

We will further explore new and innovative equipment and inks to improve the shipping operations of our current and future customers, as well as provide more environmentally friendly alternatives.


You have a business to run… and MSSC is ready to help!


Southwest Illinois Trade & Investment Council

Craig Eversmann, President of MSSC, is part of the Southwest Illinois Trade & Investment Council whose mission is to raise awareness of global exporting and foreign direct investment as an opportunity for economic stability and growth in Southwest Illinois.