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Fountain Brush

K Stencil Ink

Holds up in any condition.


Permanent, waterproof, fast-drying, for marking on porous surfaces such as paper, cloth, wood, corrugated material, etc.

Perfect for outdoor use. Light resistant.

Use K Stencil Ink with the following products: Fountain Brush, Fountain Rollers, M99 Marker.

Fountain Brush

Roller Coder Inks

Waterproof, No Smear, and Fast-Drying.


Porous roller coder ink is used for marking on corrugated cartons, paper and other porous surfaces. These inks will never dry on non-porous surfaces at room temperature.

Non Porous roller coder ink marks on plastic, metal, glass, rubber and other non-porous surfaces and will dry in approximately 2 seconds at 75-degrees F ambient temperature.

Used with this equipment: Conveyor Line Printer, Mini Roller Coder, Hand Printer, Stamp Pad, Spray Gun, 99 Marker

Fountain Brush

M99 Marker Ink

Fast-drying, smearproof, waterproof and light-resistant.


Marsh M99 Marker Ink is available in Black. This ink is used to fill the Marsh M99 marker. Xylene-Free, this ink is quick drying and waterproof. For use on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Used with this equipment:  M99 Marker

Fountain Brush

W-15 Mark Over

Liquid Asset.


W-15 mark over ink obliterates old marks on tan colored porous surfaces. Fast drying, permanent, waterproof – marks on any surface. Cleans up easily with water, no solvents required.

Use with following products: Standard paint brush, Paint roller.

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