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At MSSC, our Mission is to provide companies with the tools and technologies to securely ship, promote, and track their products in an easy-to-use, efficient, and professional manner. Superb Technical Support is essential, and at MSSC we strive to provide customers with easy-to-reach, knowledgeable, and friendly staff to answer questions.

MSSC is proud to announce the hiring of Michael Ratulowski, Product Engineer, effective 1 January 2018. Mike has been with the company as an Engineering Intern the past 5 years. He brings a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville to the team.

His areas of expertise include 3D modeling/prototyping, product design/improvement, and technical support/repair. For those of you that have not worked with Mike Ratulowski in the past for various support issues, I want to introduce him as a technical resource. If you have any product questions/issues, new projects or ideas, or tech support inquiries, please reach out to him and he will be happy to help.

Mike Ratulowski has taken over as Tech Support lead for our inkjet product line. He has gained valuable experience repairing printers the past few years. Over the past 18 months he has supported customers over the phone as well as remotely via PC control for on-site help as our product line becomes more sophisticated.

General Product Line Tech Support will still be handled at our Owensville, Missouri Facility at +1 (618) 343-1006 then dial 6. Mike can be reached at [email protected] or his direct line is +1 (618) 578-5027. Please help us in welcoming Mike to the MSSC/Marsh family!

Michael Ratulowski

Email: [email protected]

Direct Line: +1 (618) 578-5027

Hobby: Drag Racing