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Dependable. Durable. Dynamic.

The Marsh Stencil Express is a computer-driven electronic stencil cutting system for industrial settings. This PC driven advanced software is designed to meet your diverse stenciling requirements that requires minimal training.

With the Stencil Express you can produce a variety of stencil styles and sizes out of many different media, including oilboard, polyethylene, vinyl, and magnetic materials.

Marsh Stencil Express can cut stencils from as small as 1/4″ up to 23″ tall.


Always Reliable. Always Ready.

For bold, permanent and legible marks, depend on Marsh Stencil Machines and stenciling products. For product identification, shipping information, or other important messaging, these resources are always reliable – and always ready

Combine the Marsh Stencil Express with high-performance oilboards, inks, and applicators for proven solutions for all your stenciling needs

Leave Lasting Impressions

Marsh Stencil Express comes with 48 stencil, military font, and 19 international “caution” marking symbols. Using the Stencil Express makes standard and special applications quick and easy. Save time with repeat function for multiple stencils.

Marsh Stencil Express

Cutting Blades

Knife force of up to 500 grams. Self-healing blade-cutting strip that protects the blade when cutting materials without backing like oilboard.