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Dependable. Durable. Dynamic

The Marsh Manual Stencil Machine is built for the long run to help make the stenciling process fact, easy – and effective. This rugged workhorse is 100% Made in the USA out of hardened aluminum. The Case-hardened dies have wear-resistant cutting edges. The Zinc alloy punch is stronger, and lasts longer than steel, fits closer, cuts cleaner and is more corrosion-resistant.


Always Reliable. Always Ready

For bold, permanent and legible marks, depend on Marsh Stencil Machines and stenciling products. For product identification, shipping information, or other important messaging, these resources are always reliable — and always ready.

Combine the Marsh Stencil Machine with high-performance oilboards, inks, and applicators for proven solutions for all your stenciling needs.

Leave Lasting Impressions

Marsh Stencil Machines Features

  • Aluminum rotating parts
  • Unobstructed hand wheel
  • Durable finish
  • Large dial
  • Word spacing button and release lever
  • Accurate spacing
  • Rubber base mounts to prevent slipping
  • API logo available
  • 18 month warranty
  • Made in the USA


Marsh Stencil System


For a lasting impression and proven solution, make sure to order the complete Marsh Stenciling System, including the Marsh Stencil Machine, Inks, Applicators, and Oilboards.