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Marsh TD2100 series Water Activated Tape Dispensers Seal the Deal.

What’s New?

Marsh electric Water Activated Tape Dispensers come in a variety of models. The state-of-the-art, electronically driven taper was designed with ease of operation and dependability in mind. The Premium Long and Short models allow the user to input customized lengths ranging from 5″ to 99″ lengths.

The TD2100 Microprocessor is designed to dispense tape 36″ per second, saving you time.

TD2100 Electric Taper Features

Apex Cutter

The Marsh Tape Machine has an Apex design guillotine style cutter made of stainless steel, providing long life and requiring little adjustment


Uni-body Chassis

The Marsh TD2100 series taper features on all metal uni-body chassis construction with high grade powder paint coating that will stand up to the daily shipping rigors.


20 Pre-set Lengths

With 20 pre-set lengths that can be programmed into 2 repeatable lengths, the Marsh Electric Taper saves you time and money by avoiding tape waste and speeding up your carton closure process.

This unit also features a random key to allow for continuous tape distribution for unique carton sizes.

Industry Leading Water Bottle

Marsh TD2100 Tapers feature the largest water bottle in the industry! 70 ounce bottle increases production “up-time” with fewer refills.



Always Safe and Secure

Marsh Tape Machines provide the security you are looking for by dispensing gummed tape effectively and efficiently. Marsh tape machines measure, dispense, moisten, and cut the water activated tape in a variety of lengths. Using water activated tape with Marsh Tapers provide the most secure carton closure, along with a tamper-evident, recyclable seal. With decades of proven reliability and 100% MADE IN USA, Marsh Tapers Seal the Deal… Case Closed.